Our Story

CannonField Resources, LLC is a family owned and operated company. With more than two decades of oil and gas industry experience, we pride ourselves on working with like-minded people who understand and appreciate small business and family values. We believe in providing a transparent and comfortable working relationship for seamless and stress free transactions. CannonFiled was founded by family members and we treat all of our employees, partners and clients as part of our family.

Our Approach

In an industry dominated by international powerhouses, our philosophy centers on true value, not on the perceived market. Unlike our competitors, CannonField does not buy minerals with the intention of turning around and selling them to someone else. We believe the assets are in the ground and are willing to purchase them at actual value, which more often than not, means we’re able to pay more.


Join The CannonField Family

We work with hundreds of landowners across multiple state lines putting deals together that provide higher payouts for landowners. If you have minerals and you’re interested in selling them at the highest value, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to welcoming you to the CannonField family.